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    Rook Digital’s journey: a tale of innovation and success

    Rook Digital founders Eric Van Rookhuyzen and John Butler have celebrated the success of Rook Digital. The duo says that their story started in 2018 when their multinational employer closed its doors, leaving them with a pivotal decision: to retreat into the corporate world or to take a daring leap to harness their skills and create something extraordinary.

    Without hesitation, they chose the latter, the duo says.

    Investing their savings, they laid the foundation for Rook Digital, now a dynamic digital marketing and communication enterprise based in Fourways, Sandton.

    Committed to its customers, Rook Digital has emerged as a ‘digital pioneer,’ bridging the gap between brands and consumers. They use world-class digital technologies and innovative strategies. Through partnerships with top-tier adtech companies, Rook Digital has grown into a local champion, executing successful campaigns for a growing client base.

    Even in the face of challenges posed by Covid-19 and an uncertain economy, Rook Digital has flourished. This success can be attributed to their capable team of customer-focused employees.

    Strengthening the team further, Lwandile Qokweni, the former CEO of Wavemaker South Africa, recognised Rook Digital’s impressive capabilities and client base. Qokweni has bought in and joined Van Rookhuyzen and Butler as executive partners.

    Guided by core values for a sustainable future: empowering clients through data-driven insights

    Rook Digital’s foundation rests on key principles:

    • Customer first
    • Empowerment in the workplace
    • Technological leadership
    • Responsive behaviour
    • Strategic investment, and
    • Fiscal responsibility

    These principles permeate the company’s operations, fostering an ethical culture both internally and externally. Anchoring their success is a strategic alliance with globally acclaimed technology providers, spanning:

    • media buying
    • automation
    • attention
    • footfall tracking, and
    • verification, culminating in full-funnel solutions

    This synergy enables Rook Digital to create high-quality digital campaigns supported by real-time insights. The investment in these technologies underscores their belief that insights drive precision, empowering clients to make informed choices based on thorough research and market analysis.

    Rook Digital stands as a testament to achievements born from passion, innovation and trust. Their dedication to enhancing client value, combined with a commitment to industry leadership, defines the company’s essence.

    Recognising the importance of capturing attention, Rook Digital integrates a range of technologies into its arsenal, offering clients multiple avenues to deeply connect with potential consumers, leading to increased:

    • engagement
    • views,and
    • conversions

    Among its accomplishments, Rook Digital takes pride in fostering diversity and empowerment. Achieving a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating showcases their dedication to a diverse and inclusive work environment, while also contributing to South Africa’s economic transformation.

    Rook Digital’s charitable initiatives, including support for the Wilderness Leadership School, the Roxy Davis Foundation, and Aware.org, highlight their commitment to:

    • Environmental preservation
    • Youth empowerment, and
    • Societal improvement

    Despite its youth, Rook Digital has left a lasting mark on the digital marketing landscape. Their drive for innovation and astute media investment management has resulted in multiple award entries and subsequent winners, validating their excellence in digital advertising.

    With a foundation built on trust, strategic thinking, and unwavering client dedication, Rook Digital is poised to shape the future of digital marketing, propelling brands to new heights.